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February 10, 2012 by Garry Cooke

Hi, is there any good Redheads out there who can advise me. I,m planning a once in a life time holiday with the family to Cabo,although i am aware that "You go there once, you'll be there twice" Ideally i,m looking for an all inclusive hotel thats not to far from the Cantina, maybe within a couple of miles or so, but heard there are some parts where you can't go in the sea because of the currents. Would be ashame to travel all that way to find out you can't go in the sea. Can anyone please advise.
Thanks Gaz

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We have a great friend (Bryan) who has been able to help so many people in Cabo. Never done the all -inclusive but last yr our resort did it for several people because he set it up. We stay at the Playa Grande - you can't swim there but it's walking distance to the cantina and you can get a boat taxi to the Medana beach. I will email him to look at your post and see if he can help you out

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i have a time share at the pueblo bonita rose.. all i want is themaint fees 550 emal me at

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There are some decent all inclusives near town. Any hotel on Medano Beach will have a swimable beach. I suggest starting at the Pueblo Bonito Rose and Blanco. They are nice and within walking distance of town. A little further out is the Riu. Any further out than that and you start accumulating cab fare. It adds up if you go to town every day and your resort doesnt have a shuttle. As far as the all inclusives go, there are some that cost more and some that cost less than the Pueblo Bonitos. Pricing that is a good starting point. Having said that, consider a non all inclusive place. That way you get to get out and see Cabo. Thats why you are going in the first place right? Any place on the Pacific Ocean is where you cant swim due to currents but the beaches are huge and very quiet. I'm sure others will comment with some great ideas too. If you have any other questions just ask, I'm in the process of planning for my annual trip to the end of #1.

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Chees,thank you. Were travelling from the U.K. and wasn't sure if the all inclusive option would be cheaper as we would be staying for 2weeks in October. Will check trip advisor out.

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It would be a good idea for you to go to and get on the Cabo San Lucas forum. You can ask all of your questions about Cabo and there is a good group of Destination Experts that can help you. There are all inclusives close to town but I prefer not to do that because the bars and restaurants in Cabo are pretty good. Have fun on your trip. I'm going in June and October this year.