out of the loop for too long, hanging on to the oldies

January 24, 2012 by galatha

Putting my iTunes library back together recently as iTunes does what it does (fail)...rediscovered all my Hagar. Standing Hampton - There's Only One Way to Rock was the first; walked backward to find Montrose. Three Lock Box was always my favorite; VOA had that moment.

you remember THAT moment?

Most of the time we hear a song on the radio, and after hearing it ten times and never really picking up on it, then we tune in and realize we like it enough to buy it...but sometimes after you've bought the album, you're alone in your room and you hear the song for the first time

and by the tenth note, you know the song will be with you forever.

Sammy has a lot more of those songs in my history than any other songwriter/band. His stuff MOVES me, it stirs me, I have to close my eyes and transport myself to where the music takes me, and I live for that time the song plays....when it's over, the lights go out and I'm back wherever I was.

The first time I ever heard "Swept Away" - I was. That song, heard in the back of John Lieto's '74 Camaro on Friday nights at Byrum Lake...doing all the things we never should have done and are blind/stupid/lucky we lived through - that song did carry me away.

Some things are "rock" in our life, not because that's the kind of music we label them, but because they anchor us to things in our life for so long.

Thanks Sammy...

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