Chickenfoot III is Awesome

September 22, 2011 by Funke1

The whole CD is great !! I love the raw bluesy feel to Dubai Blues. There are bits of several songs that are sticking with me. I love the opening to Last Tempation with the melodic guitar flowing into Sammy's opening lyric - I've been a sinner with two punches right after it. Joe's guitar work during the verses on Come Closer is subtle, soft and is great interplay with the lyrics which are probably some of the best ballad lyrics Sammy has ever written. Joe's opening riff on Up Next has that march feel to it and I can visualize this long line of people lined up for the pearly gates. Chad and Mikey are tight throughout the whole CD and Mikey's background vocal work is magical as always. I like Sammy singing in a lower register. This CD is way different than the first one. I like them both but I think III is a thicker sound with more finesse. It explores their musicianship more than the first one did. The first one reminds me of four friends getting together to jam and have fun and this one just feels like it has more texture.

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Gotta say Up Next kicks ass. Gonna be a great tour with the new material. CHICKENFOOT ROCKS!!!

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Awesome! I've only heard about half the album from full tracks that leaked out to YouTube like Different Devil, Dubai Blues, Come Closer, Up Next, Last Temptation and Lighten Up. Those songs ABSOLUTELY rock! Every song has a distinct sound of it's own and keeps me coming back for more.

I can't wait to hear the full CD (I preordered the bonus pack so I have to wait a few extra days) and I REALLY can't wait to see the Foot in concert again in the Philly area as soon as possible!