1ST Time TO CABO Could Use Some Advice

October 06, 2010 by freeeagle50
1ST Time TO CABO Could Use Some Advice
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This will be our first trip to Cabo for my wife and I. Was wondering which would better to get a rent a car or just take a Cab. We will be staying at the Pueblo Bonito Resort which is about 10 mins away from the Cantina, I know this question may sound trivial but just want to make sure my wife and I have a safe trip, other questions are,.. should we use U.S currency, or exchange for Pesos?? I have done reserach on the net but get mixed advice which conflicts each other..Any advice on what the do's and dont's greatly appreciated..THANKS.. CU in CABO!!!

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awesome photo!!!! would love a copy of it. did you get any others??

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Take a cab but wear your seatbelt..if they have one...Do not rent a car or drive - they are crazy there!! I would change some of your American money to Pecos because the later it gets and the more you drink...they "will" short change you!!! And travel in groups!! Have fun we get there on Friday....

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Thanks for info. Fly out the 10th, Party on the 11th. Fun in the Sun 12th to 15th then back to the Mid West Cold....Burrrr....

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Take a cab or walk.Cash in some USD for walking around money.
Have fun but watch yourself.Wish we were going back again!

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I usually exchange my money ASAP due to too many bars making up their own exchange rate depending on how drunk I am. Cabs are the way to go, parking sucks around the Cabo Wabo and most of the party areas. Cabs are cheap insurance, and lowers the worries. Cabo is all about having a stress free lifestyle for a few days/weeks.

Overall CSL is safer then most US cities at 3AM walking home. Cool people there all around, both Mexicans and Americans. Stay away from the Canadians tourists though, they're a little odd. They sound like Americans but are whiter and friendlier.

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Hi, I would recommend just doing cabs & walking! It will be $8 one way from where you are staying! Parking is hard in Cabo, there is a parking garage but you have to pay! The drivers are crazy & you more than likely will be drinking! It's better to be safe than sorry!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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make sure you save enough pesos for the airport, if you want to buy anything, unless you put it on your credit card....no more american $$$'s at mexicos airports

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Use American.
You will have both when you start doing things down there, but dont forget to cash out before coming home.

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We have a timeshare there at Pueblo Bonito.. TAKE A CAB!!! Or walk, DON'T rent a car, unless you like "extreme diving"