Seattle Redheads! Are there any gatherings of the tribe here?

June 23, 2016 by flutterby2012

Sammy fans are the MOST incredibly fun and positive people in the universe. I am new to the area and would like meet people whom are REAL and love to celebrate his music and everything else that Sammy brings us. Those of you living in the Seattle area, Please let me know if there are any gatherings of Redheads here that would take on a new member.
Thanks and I look forward to meeting you! =)

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Hey there CABORED,
Thanks for your response. I will check it out the FB page...
Yes I will be at Tulalip on the 24th. Then Red Rocks on the 5th, and HOPEFULLY Cabo in Oct... Just hope I hit the lottery.. I haven't been to Cabo since 1993 for Sammy's bday with Los Tres Gusanos. It is time!!!
Let me know if your at the show... Pre party will be in order...
Im in Bellevue.

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hey flutterby. if u are on facebook check out Redheads The Way We Live. LOTS of Western Washingtonians on there. i used to live over there and now reside in Spokane. if u are going to the concert at Tulalip Aug 24th we always have lots of ore parties going on in the parking lot. what part of Seattle are you in?