Book signing Roseville, Ca

March 25, 2011 by flowerladycw

I just wanted to say that my knees are still weak from my visit with my 2nd love, Sammy last night. I own a Flower shop in Auburn, so of course the Florist couldn't go empty handed. He got some beautiful "RED" roses. That got me a kiss on the cheek. I felt like a little girl that didn't want to wash her face afterwards. It was definately worth the wait on a crappy, rainy day. I will see all you crazy fans at the next show! Lisa

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Thats awesome... ! I know just what you mean about the weak knees, my hands couldn't stop shaking after I got to hug him. It was only less then a minute, but those seconds were the best day of my life. Sammy Rocks! See ya at Tahoe, Whoooo Hooooo!