Not so crazy after all.

June 22, 2011 by farmer 91111

Where should I start? Been a Red Rocker since I got my liciese,and could listen to what I liked.Drove around in my jacked 4x4,jamming to Sammy.Than, out of the blue ,Dimaond Dickhead david was gone ,and the new band controlled the air waves.In the midst of it all ,come the album "I'm Still Here".With so many great songs,I
listened to it ,to many times.I can q them up in my head now.And now the lyrics make sence. In fact they can only come from a source that would have knowledge of the future.I have found many corelations with the lyrics and up coming stellar events.If these events do infact occur. They will be life changing, and not in a good way. At first.... If any one gives a shit, and cares to listen ,let me know.I'll try to simplify it . For starters one must forget all you have been taught about religion and science .And open your mind and heart to new ideas. I sound like a nut case,but life as we know it is going to change.Real soon!Sorry to sound like a downer,but I hope I can help someone out.Maybe save their life.

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