Jammin' to Sam since 73

July 30, 2021 by Eric Anderson

I've been a Sammy fan since 73. Going to Illinois State Fair next Saturday for my umpteenth Sammy show - can't wait. I landed on Space Station #5 in 1973 and that is where I Got the Fire. I wanted to become an All American over a long Rock N Roll Weekend, but I found a Crack in the World. I switched gears, bought a Trans Am and got a Bad Reputation. I found myself on the Inside Lookin In, and after much reflection, I tried Growing Up. However, I got my Dick in the Dick after some serious Animation. I shook that off and found the Best of Both Worlds and watched Eagles Fly for a time. Once again, I was Black and Blue and getting the Runaround. I ended up in Amsterdam looking for Both Sides Now and a good Shag. I woke up in the Tropic of Capricorn singing Hallelujah while I was Sailin. I had to Switch on the Light to keep from going Down the Drain. I thought Somethin Gone Wrong when I met a Ramblin Gamblin Man who gave me the Red Voodoo. It all turned out great though. That voodoo showed me my Affirmation and some serious Funky Feng Shui and life is all it can be for me. Thanks to Sammy!!

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