What was the name of Sammy's opening song with Joe?

September 10, 2011 by Eitelgeorge

Awesome party as usual. Anybody have the name of the opening song Sammy did with Joe? Is it Knockdown?

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After Space Station #5 was Rock Candy.

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Opening number was Knockdown and it was fantastic. I wrote down Sammy's setlist for the night but can't read my writting as to what came after Space Station #5 and before MotorScooter. HELP Would anyone out there know what it was?

Sammy played : Knockdown, One way to Rock, Standing on Top of the World, Space Station #5 , ??? , MotorScooter, Best of Both Worlds, 3 Lock box, Right Now, You've done nothing for me, Red, Finish what you started, Heavy Metal. Encore was: Mas Taqilla, What Dreams are Made of, Can't drive 55.

Ahsome night!!

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It is called Knockdown. I purchased a copy of the song at itunes and think it's great!

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So my friend made us late for the show. How many songs did Sammy do with Joe?

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I was wondering the same thing.Great show.great venue.This needs to happen every year.Better than Tahoe outdoor by far imo.Anyone with video please upload to youtube.