Wheres Everyone Staying In Cabo for The Birthday Bash?

June 08, 2019 by edwards097

REDHEADS!!!!!!! ARE YOU READY..... So it's roughly 4 months to the date until we all ascend upon our second home...CABO BABY.... Myself and 24 ppl from Detroit will be landing on the 7th of October and staying at the RIU PALACE. My wife and I haven't stayed there since they have renovated the resort. Has anyone been there since the renovations? How is it? Where is every one else staying when in Cabo? We should all meet at the office or mango deck for some cocktails and craziness during the day..... FDIC 2019...

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We are arriving on Oct 5. We are staying at Sandos Finisterra. Has anyone ever stayed there before? This is our first time to Mexico. I’m hoping so bad to get picked to go to the Oct 9 show. I’ve loved Sammy from the start.

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Registration is June 24-28 . You go on the website and enter all your info for the lottery. They let you know by email if you won. There are usually a couple rounds for the lottery, as not all winners end up buying the tickets in first round.

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We stay at Villa Buena Vida. This will be our fourth year staying there and attending the Bash. Villa staff are instrumental in helping us acquire the extremely hard-to-get tickets.

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See you in October!

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Can anyone tell me how you find out when you can register for the drawing for the birthday bash concerts in October?

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Yes the Tesoro is in the Marina. It is the one with the lighthouse. The Mar De Cortez is where a lot of the street campers stay due to the closeness of it to Cabo Wabo. Hopefully we get something soon on the Bash. When they announced dates it said next update in June after the tour ends. Well actually on the topic of the tour there is a 2nd leg to come.

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We've always stayed either at the Riu resorts or down at Villa La Estancia. I know the fare into town is roughly 11 bucks. That's why I save my pennies through out the year. We also take the bus into town too. That is only 1 dollar. My friends stayed at the Tesoro and they loved it as well. That is in the Marina, right? We are going with 22 ppl to Cabo this October and for most it's there first time. So we wanted to be somewhere we could party in the day and cruise into town at night. It's funny some of them know how big a fan I am but there going to think I'm crazy when I go to walmart and purchase a twin blow up mattress to sleep on the street. lol FDIC 2019

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Isn't the Mar De Cortez basically right across from the club? My friend and I booked one night this year so that we have some where to use the bathroom while we sleep in the streets for tickets on October 9th lol It's hardcore, but we've always scored tickets to a few shows every year.

The raffle will start sometime in July. You basically just follow the directions on the red rocker site and then they randomly select people for the shows. However, if you don't win, there is always the chance to get them by waiting in the streets so you can purchase dinner tickets to the show. You are basically forfeiting one entire day in Cabo, but hey your going down there for the experience of one epic bash, right?

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You will absolutely love the RIU PALACE. My wife and I have been going since 2008. We actually also like the Villa La Estancia, where we would normally stay if it were only a few of us, however since I convinced 22 of family friends to take the journey to Cabo, I thought why not all go to a place for the best bang for your buck...Yes... Lets definitely meet up when we get there. I would say meet us at the pool bar on October 7th at around 1:30 pm. You can't miss our big crew all coming down at the same time.... I can't wait..

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Hello, my husband, myself and 2 other friends are staying at The Riu Palace. We have never been before, it looks very nice. We are coming in on the 5th of October. Hope to meet up with you all at the hotel!

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My girl and I went to Cabo for the first time in April of 2018. The ONLY reason we went was to go to Cabo Wabo! =P Spur of the moment kind of thing. We stayed at https://www.mardecortez.com/en-gb. Quaint smaller property. VERY good food and the rooms were nice. 2 blocks or so from Cabo Wabo Cantina. Fast forward to March of this year. She surprises me with a return trip tickets for my birthday! She planned for us to be there during the Birthday Bash. I booked the same hotel, Mar De Cortez. Hoping to score some tickets for the show as we will be there anyways. Any suggestions/recommendations on how the raffle process works?

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Just curious as to why the chose to stay there. It is a bit distance away from the clubs and Cabo Wabo. You will need to get transportation every time you want to get into the heart of the action. I have been staying at Tesoro which is a straight street walk to Cabo Wabo, and all the clubs. It has gained popularity over the years. I would estimate 35 to 50 REDHEADS stay there. There is also the Mar De Cortez which is around the corner from Cabo Wabo that is very popular.

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We are staying at Villa Del Palmar. We stay there every trip. This year will be our 10 time back.