Sammy at DTE then in CABO.......Whos ready for the BASH???

February 11, 2019 by edwards097

So the pre-sale for DTE is this Wednesday @ 10 am. I can't wait... Concert in May and we go to Cabo in the fall. Oh yea... Last year we took a year off from Cabo. But we are back. How many are all booked for CABO? I booked last week at the RIU PALACE along with 18 more redheads from Michigan. I'm bringing CABO virgins with me, so us Redheads need to show them how to party... Wait till they find out that I'm ditching my hotel room for the street for one night. I can't wait for ROcktober..........

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Jeepgal6's picture

I am a new red rocker how do you get tickets for the birthday bash we want Togo?
What dates does the party start?

edwards097's picture

I scored mine today as well. RTC Row O seats 39 and 40

Thomse0196's picture

Got my DTE tx this morning...LTC Row D. It's time to party!