August 17, 2020 by edwards097

So it appears that we aren't going to have a BDAY bash this year. I think we all knew that was a possibility. However, my group is still going and I know a lot of other red heads are as well. So I was thinking we can all meet like at either Mango Deck or the Office on like the 8th or 9th at noon for some lunch and some drinks.... I think it will be pretty cool. I'm open for suggestions if anyone has any other ideas. 50 days till cabo.

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Nice choice of a place to stay. The Birthday Bash will be done via Pay Per View.

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I was at the outside concert. I heard it was terrible as well from other concert goers. However, we were fortunate to have front row in front of the stage and I thought it was amazing. I even threw my Detroit Tigers hat on stage and Mike and Sammy both wore it. I have some great pics of that bash.

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He did an outside show once before during the Birthday Bash. I have heard it was a nightmare and won't be done again. The crowd size would be too big for it to happen under the current restrictions.

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We will be there Oct 7 -13 at the Finnestara... this would be the perfect year for Sammy to do a outside show at the Cabo Wabo like he's always talked about