March 15, 2017 by edwards097

Plane tickets? Check. Reservations at Villa La Estancia? Check. Ready for Roctober for SAMMY'S 70th Bday BASH? ABSOLUTELY....

Who else is headed down for a little party down south come October? It's been a tradition for me since I first experienced in 2006. I fell in love with not only the tradition of the concerts but the town itself is amazing and the people are incredible. I can't wait to travel down with friends and the REDHEAD FAMILY. I need to get the hell out of this cold and snow shit real quick here in Michigan. So where is everyone staying this year? FDIC 2017

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Your totally spot on for the info. I suggest to try the lottery, at least you have a shot. Actually last year was the very first time that we were picked for a show since the lottery started. I still sleep on the street on the 9th and then buy both shows for the 11th and the 13th. You have to give up a night in your hotel but your partying all night with Red heads and it's a good time. Especially last year when I brought a blow up mattress.

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The person who posted about tips for a newbie. The first thing is do not wait until you have seen if your picked before you book. If you do the prices will be way higher by that time. The next is when they open the lottery only one entry per show per household. You are limited to only two tickets a show. The tickets for show only type will most likely be $70. These are not really tickets but wristbands that you pick up at the Cabo Wabo on the show day. You as the winner have to be verified against a manifest and then if you have a guest they must be with you at that time. They place wristband(s) on right away after verification.
There is another type of ticket which is dinner/show combo. These allow you to eat before seeing the show. They will most likely be $90 to $110 and are sold first come/first serve at the Cabo Wabo. The on sale usually is October 6th at noon for October 7th and 9th, and noon October 10th for the 11th and 13th. This type people camp out 24 to 48 on the street to get.

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My wife and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary coincidental to Sammy's bday bash in Cabo this October. Our anniversary is 10/11 his bday is 10/13. We will be in Cabo that whole week and want to,attend one night of,his bday bash as our annivasry present to,each other.

We have never been and not sure how to get tix. I've read there is either a lottery or,you have to,come early and get in line and wait. Anyone have any info fr 2 newbies making their first trek to Sammys Cabo bday bash?

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It is in the Marina and a straight shot to Cabo Wabo.

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That's great. I keep hearing about the Tesoro. Where exactly is it located? Marina? I've stayed at the Riu Palace and the RIU Santa Fe a few times, and although we like it. It's sort of far to stroll down the beach and hit the mango deck or the office. So that is why we stay at the villa La Estancia.

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I am at Tesoro for the fourth time. This will be the tenth year coming for BDB. The Tesoro has gained alot of momentum for us to stay at. I notice more and more each year.