Any Info on The Birthday Bash Tickets Times and Dates?

May 29, 2013 by edwards097
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Thanks for the update. I have been going to the birthday bash since 2004, and I have to say, sitting in the streets of cabo to get your hands on wristbands was the way to go. First come first serve. I have a feeling that I will be walking out of the cantina just to get into line for dinner tickets. Oh well at least you can by two shows then. Thanks again for the insight.

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The tickets for general type according to a post by admin are going to be done by a lottery drawing type system. They will make an announcement as to when you can put your name in the drawing, and then when they will draw names. If your name is drawn you will be notified by e-mail and allowed to purchase tickets for the show(s) you were drawn for. They allowed last year for you to be drawn for multiple shows but said this year that may or may not be the same. The other type of tickets which are dinner/show are sold at the venue first come first serve. These are done show 1 and 2 one day and then show 3 and 4 usually the next. They go quickly and have people literally camping out to acquire them. The announcement on the tickets and dates will come within a month at most. The dates of the shows are going to be somewhat hard to determine but the last show is always on October 13th.