Admin.. Any news on how the Birthday Bash tickets will be handled this year???

June 20, 2013 by edwards097

I know July is around the corner and the redheads are anxious to hear some news on how and when the tickets for the Birthday bash will take place this year. I say we get back in line and do it old school. That way all the die hard fans get a fair chance of going to the shows. That's just my opinion...

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This message is for Kaipai. There will be an announcement posted on here as well as the FB page it will have the instructions on how to get into the drawing. It was done last year by a link and there was a special one for each show. You then have to wait for notification as to whether you got picked or not.

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yea, it was easy to score tics in the past. That's for sure. I get our hotel and flight every year no matter what and my main goal is to score tickets somehow. And we do. Haven't been down there yet and missed a show. Hopefully you get drawn for the shows this year. good luck..

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It was sooo easy back in the day. My last Birthday Bash was in 93. Got my hotel and flight, went to Cabo, walked right up to the bar and bought our tix to the show. No worries, no waiting! But this show has become TOO big for that now. This bash would be 20 years later for me. I sooooo want to go. But I cant get a hotel or flight UNTIL I know I get tix.

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how do u get put into the lottery if thats how they do it this year? I have already made hotel and flight reservations, for my husbands 40th bday also in Oct, seeing Sammys bday bash is on his bucket list, i need to make this happen!!

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I feel the same way. We have been going to the bash since 2005 and that was the best part about it. Getting in line at 3:00 am with a cooler full of beer and water and meeting new red heads and living it up. Everything was fare, NO SCALPERS and the true red heads got to experience the party of a lifetime. We got lucky in 2011 and actually bought dinner show tickets off of a local guy that hangs around there that we got to know. I'm still hoping that they realize that they need to go back to the old school way of ticketing. I guess we will have to wait and see. If not there is always dinner show tickets that you can stand in line for.

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After 15 years of attending shows, we were unable to get any tickets last year thru the lottery. We had three people registered for all shows, no one received any, what are the odds of that, pretty high, thinking higer than the real lottery! It would be nice to go back to the way it was, why the change? Really?

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thanks a lot will keep and eye out for it

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I would imagine an announcement within a week or two regarding when you'll be able to sign up for the lottery drawing. They have said this is going to be the method of ticket buying for the general show type. It was used last year basically you have a link that you use to register for the show(s) you want to be entered in, and then you wait to see if you get picked to buy tickets. The dinner/show combo ones usually are sold at the venue first come/first serve basis.

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any idea when tickets might go on sale for B-day Bash? need to get airline and hotel reservations now

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Just came back to find out my old account was gone :( Anyway I have done the B'day bash twice in the past and was hoping to get some dates to plan.. Admin, any clue when we might see these dates?

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I am a little confused as to how the lottery works. I have been to a couple of shows but it was the old way before the lottery. I literally planned my wedding in Cabo on the 11th so we could get married on the beach and go straight to party with Sammy.... this was before I knew they had changed the system to lottery. I will have approx. 15 people with me that are dying to go the there anyway in hell I am going to be able to make this happen? I will pay for the tickets I just want to go!!! Somebody help me out here :-)

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I have been traveling to Cabo for the Bday Bash since 2008. I have never been able to get tixs. Last year I didn't get picked for one show in the lottery. I met many people that were picked for all the shows. I agree with the other comments that once you are picked in the lottery for one show, they should remove you from the lottery for the other shows. Let us all have a chance to attend please!!!

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First Year go-er here !! Pick me , Pick Me !! Lucky 13 !!!

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I also went down there in 2011 and scored tickets to the Birthday bash tickets for the outdoor concert. We bought them from a local guy down there that we met a few days earlier. It was a blast. We had dinner tickets and they let us into the concert area before the others and were 3 feet away from the stage. It was awesome. I might stand in line if I don't get tickets trough the lottery. Because it's a lost trip if we go down there and don't get to party with Sammy, in my opinion. I already bought and paid for our trip. So if all else falls, standing in line for dinner tickets is what I will be doing...

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I am with you Jeff..more Red heads...all the way especially for those of us that have never had a chance to go.

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I am a DIEHARD Sammy fan and HAVE to go this year....whatever way I have the best chance of getting to go ...has been on my bucket list for so long...ROCK ON RED ROCKERS...Beach Bums all the way.....Mas Tequila

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I didn't go last year so wasn't involved in the lottery. I went in 2011. That was the year they sold each show at the top of the hour for 4 hours. Those tickets were gone in less that 30 seconds. I got lucky enough to see the last 3 shows that year. I honestly would like them to do half the show tickets the way they used to...standing in line all day. I never got to experience that. At least you'd have a chance if you were willing to put in the work. I'm planning to go this year, but I need to wait to see if I can get tickets. If not, there's really no other way to get them unless you find someone that has two tickets and is by themselves. It would be beyond frustrating to fly from the east coast to Cabo and not see one show. We'll see.

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I hear you on the getting drawn for multiple shows. Everyone should experience the birthday bash at least once when they're down there. I understand that die hards want to be at multiple shows too. Like me... I guess we will wait and see right.. I just reserved my deep sea fishing charter for Saturday the 12th so I have to behave myself on the 11th so I can make it on the ocean for 8 hours.. mas tequila... See you guys soon...

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It was posted by an admin that yes this year they would be doing the lottery drawing ticketing system for this year. The question was asked about not having people being drawn for multiple shows and the answer was they were looking into having that be the case, but not going to say for sure. They also said hopefully the announcement and ticketing would be done earlier than last year.

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Hey Ed, from what I've heard they are going to do the lottery drawing again this year. This is ok by me as long as once you get picked for one show you are out of the lottery. That way more Redheads get a chance to see Sammy. Last year we got into the show on the 7th and didn't get picked for the other shows. Some fans got picked for all four shows which caused a lot of Redheads to miss out... See ya in Cabo my friend...

Later Jeff

FDIC 2013...

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I so agree! Hotel and plane reservations made...can't wait!