September 28, 2015 by edwards097

I can't wait. It's been way to long. Plane touches down at 10:37 am and if everything goes smoothly, we will be at the pool or beach by high noon with a drink in our hands. Where is everyone staying? We changed it up this year and are trying the Villa La Estancia for the first time. But we usually stay at the riu palace. Which is a Red Head Haven.. FDIC 2016...

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So here's my story....I won two tickets for the 9th. Boyfriend said he would take me...trip of a lifetime...then he won two tickets in the second chance draw...dumped my ass and is going with his best friend...last minute...Im screwed! So now I sit with my two tickets...can't sell them, can't give them away..not enough time or money to pull it all together. What a waste! Sammy please remember me next year or in the next few because i'll keep entering and next time I promise I'll make it. Sorry to Sammy and to all the fans that could have had my tickets. Have the BEST time ever you guys I'll be joining you when I can!

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I wll be part of the outside crowd on the 9th. My show is the 11th. As for advice get your wristbands early. If you go for the right at 2 start time be prepared for a line. Therefore have water to keep cool/hydrated. It is a way to meet fellow RedHeads. The doors to get in usually open 7ish show starts 9:30ish. Once again a wait but your inside and the energy level inside is electrifying. The size of the club is small enough to have good view no matter where you are. If you want up front first couple rows probably need to be there by 4 to 5. This is from my previous years experience.

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We will be there this Sunday!!!!! My and my sister's first trip to Cabo!!!! Wooo Hoooo.....so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! (had tix last year, but we all know how that went)

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We arrive 7th stay through 14th also! Had so much fun at Tesoro in 2012. Our room was on the pool level hoping to get the same it was a blast. Our tix are for the 9th. So fricken excited!!! 1 WEEK to go! Yes it will be first time inside, we enjoyed partying with all the Redheads while watching the big screen outside, but cant wait to experience inside! Any advice before we go? See you in Cabo!

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I'm so stoked that REDHEAD NATION is just as fired up as I am. It's truly a great party with great ppl from across the globe. Always meeting new lifelong friends. Were actually going with ppl we met 6 years ago. The fun never ends. 9 more days till we are jet setting to my second home. I'm sure a lot of ppl feel the same.

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Staying at the Pueblo Bonito Rose 10/7-14th. Tickets for the 13th! Party of 6 + a whole bunch of other Redheads! Can't wait!!

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I hope your talking about special guests. I have not seen any inkling of that for any night.

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Pueblo Bonito Rose every year. Modano beach by day, Cabo Wabo by night. Gonna be loco anywhere you stay, all weekend! No tickets but just hanging out with all the Redheads is gonna be a lot of fun. Can't wait till Roctober 8!

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We land on the 12th, show on the 13th. Does anyone know who will be playing? We can't wait. Staying at Sunset Beach as always

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Looking forward to my first trip to Cabo! Wasn't able to land tickets but will be enjoying outside watching the big screen. Caught Sammy in Clearwater earlier this year and had a great time. Congrats to all that landed tickets!

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What dates are you there for? I arrive the 9th till the 14th. I think The Tesoro is the best location. Have tix for 11th hoping to score for the 13th. Will this be your first time inside?

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Staying at Tesoro on the Marina, like redrocker327. Love the location, it is within walking distance of everything! Stayed there in 2012 had a great time met some nice peeps, however did not have Bash tickets. Excited to actually get to go inside Cabo Wabo's rather than enjoying outside watching the bigscreen. Still a great time outside with redheads! Donations are still being accepted for hurricane victims, if you have clothing or household items you are able to donate, you can take them to Cabo Wabo's! See ya all in Cabo. Enjoy and be safe.

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I heard a lot of ppl staying there. I bet that's one big redhead party. We are about a ten minute walk into the marina. But we are constantly there eating at all the awesome restaurants and hitting the clubs.

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I am staying at The Tesoro. The location is unbeatable right in the center of Marina and walkable to all the clubs.