March 15, 2017 by edwards097

Plane tickets? Check. Reservations at Villa La Estancia? Check. Ready for Roctober for SAMMY'S 70th Bday BASH? ABSOLUTELY....

Who else is headed down for a little party down south come October? It's been a tradition for me since I first experienced in 2006. I fell in love with not only the tradition of the concerts but the town itself is amazing and the people are incredible. I can't wait to travel down with friends and the REDHEAD FAMILY. I need to get the hell out of this cold and snow shit real quick here in Michigan. So where is everyone staying this year? FDIC 2017

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Memories from the Bash

October 07, 2016 by edwards097

We missed out sleeping in front of my buddies store on the corner near the cantina this year. We went last year and will be there for his 70th bday bash next year. It's going to be Epic... Not to say this year won't be the best damn party of all time. Every time we go we meet some great Red Heads and become lifelong friends. I love the Red Head community, NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR EACH OTHER... GOOD TIMES. So everyone down there, Enjoy your vacations and have a blast at the Cantina and show Sammy some Love......


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September 28, 2015 by edwards097

I can't wait. It's been way to long. Plane touches down at 10:37 am and if everything goes smoothly, we will be at the pool or beach by high noon with a drink in our hands. Where is everyone staying? We changed it up this year and are trying the Villa La Estancia for the first time. But we usually stay at the riu palace. Which is a Red Head Haven.. FDIC 2016...

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August 25, 2015 by edwards097

Well since the lottery system went into affect a few years ago, we have been shut out every year. But not this year... My wife just checked her email and we are going to the show on the 9th. And my sister n law one as well. All four of us are going... I can't wait. It's been a long time coming.. See all you redheads on the streets of Cabo in October... FDIC 2015

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June 26, 2015 by edwards097

It's getting closer. Can't wait for this years bash. Where is everyone staying? We're staying at the villa la estancia this year. In the past we either stayed at the Rui palace or next door at the Santa Fe. This year were going with a huge group. Should be a blast with all of the red heads. See everyone in CABO

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April 25, 2015 by edwards097

I don't know about you other red heads, but I've been wating for October to roll around. This year we are bringing the kids and family down with us to Enjoy all that Cabo has to offer and to party with Sammy.

I also have a question for the Admin. Is there an age restriction for any of Sammy's four shows at the Cantina?

I'll see you in CABO......

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July 30, 2014 by edwards097

Well we had a blast as usual at the sammy show at Freedom Hill in Detroit. I took my brother and sister in law as well and they had a blast. It's always great when you can grow the red head family.. I also met a couple at the show that have never been to see sammy down in Cabo. I showed them a few pics from last years bash on my phone and they were in. Two more ppl down to party in cabo next year..

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Birthday Bash 2014

July 06, 2014 by edwards097

Well I put in four the Birthday bash drawing and no luck.. It's ok because we were there last year and five times before that. So were taking a year off. But we will have the Red Rocker out in Sterling Heights Mi on July 23rd for a pre bday bash concert. UP FRONT FANATICS. And we already reserved our resort at the Villa La Estancia for next years bash. HAVE FUN DOWN THERE RED HEADS AND HAVE A FEW FOR ME.

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Birthday Bash Concerts

October 16, 2013 by edwards097

WOW What another amazing time in Cabo. We stayed for eight days and they were amazing. I didn't think we would get into any of the shows. But thanks to my wife for letting us stand or should I say sleep in line on Wednesday night in order for us to get into both the last two shows. We had second row both of the nights. The cantina was rocking. We've been going strong down in Cabo now for the last six years.. Everytime were down there we meet amazing new life long friends. Until next year redheads.... Lets raise a glass of Cabo to Sammy..

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October 01, 2013 by edwards097

This coming Monday we will be heading to our home away from home.. Can't wait for the bash and the atmosphere with all the redheads enjoying some good times. Mas Tequila everyone.. Lets have a great time down in Cabo...

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