Question about the Birthday Bash

May 19, 2020 by durge71

Ok, just saw the update and cancellation of all concerts scheduled through September. Please do not tell me Cabo and the Birthday Bash is canceled. By October, I would hope things have changed by then...
Anxiously Awaiting the news about Cabo.

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two4ruff's picture

Hoping for Birthday Bash news soon. Looking at resorts already!

Domino11's picture

Any new information yet?

wmehiel's picture

Hope it opens up too, for 2020, we go every year....
Rock on Sammy...

redrocker327's picture

Sammy said once Cabo opens back up then news of the Birthday Bash would come out shortly afterward. Things have to settle down there before decisions can be made.

sm2112's picture

Hoping the bash will be on and able to get tickets as well