Howdy! ... my thoughts of the book.

March 23, 2011 by DragonTBear

First off ... I'm a different kind of fan.

I'm a home-body. I don't drink alcohol. I've never done ANY drugs EVER. (ya .. many might call me a computer geek).

I'm 46 but I've only been to 5 actual concerts in my whole life. Two of them to see Sammy. But I buy (and listen) to TONS of music.

I 1st heard Sammy on the radio (KZAP) in 1982. It was "Can't Get Loose" (from Standing Hampton). STILL my favorite song. I bought that album, fell in love with it, bought every other earlier album, fell in love with them. .. and bought everything since.

David L. is still one of my favorite drummers.

Anyway, I bought the book. (well two books) ... One physical book (going to book signing tomorrow - across the street from my home) and one digital copy (kindle iPhone version) which is what I read ,and just finished.

In 1983 I told myself that if I ever hear of Sammy OD-ing on drugs I would throw away all of his albums that I bought. I know he's a rock star and probably did some drugs, but ... I hoped he was smart enough to not go overboard. Glad to see that he is.

I love Sammy. I love his music. I love his attitude.
I don't like his swearing. I don't like him doing any drugs. I don't like that he cheated on his wife (Besty). The book helps me understand all of that.

The book is AWESOME. I highly recommend it to any rock fan.

dratz. .. gotta go ... I'll blog more later.


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I pre-ordered the book weeks ago through Amazon, and got it on the 16th.finished in 3 was a great read.cant'wait for the new Chickenfoot cd.