May 30, 2013 by Dr. Cabo

DEAR SAMMY AND REDROCKER TEAM...PLEASE go back to using Club 1013 for ticket sales for all of us TRUE REDHEADS!!! Just got tickets for the 'LOU' show...happy to go, but terrible seats. PreSale codes for RedHeads seem to resulted in not so great seats. Reliable inside info is also stating that better seats get released when general tickets go on sale. I understand this may be due to Live Nation involvement and not Sammy, however, when Club 1013 was being used, ticketing went much smoother and allowed the diehard RedHeads to get the better seats. Sincerely, a TRUE REDHEAD for 30 years (sorry was born in 1973... was listening to Disco Grover in the early years LOL) Sara aka Dr Cabo

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Terrible presale happened to me in Tucson. Its like all the good seats were snatched up by ticket brokers or something. Had to settle 10 rows back. Also prices are outragous this year. FRUSTRATING..

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So much for Sammy's generous offer to reduce the price of the seats!! Live nation made sure they found a way to jack around the fans again!! After the run around on presale, I tried again today with a "customer service supervisor" who told me that ALL the "premium seats" above D had been sold already!! WHAT?!?! THIS IS F"D!!!! I explained what happened and what I was told by the other sales rep. I was told that these "premium seats" are not part of any pre-sale or regular best available seating that these are "special package seats"; that they (live nation)make available for certain high demand shows. And are only available on line, not through the phone systems. and he couldn't help me purchase them. WAIT... THIS IS A BS bait and switch!! Is that why the price kept increasing? Now $350 for a ticket in D, (7th row) or $325 for L....are you kidding!!!And I guess people are supposed to know this how?!? its not posted in the times or prices for sale and is not included in any of the advertisings...... I got a ticket today in D for $148 - finaly....35 minutes after they went on sale no less.....WTF? The best this guy could do at 10am exactly was SS.

And by the way for this show you got NOTHING other than the ticket in your "premium" seat price, he said some shows come with goodies (tshirts, ect). I wonder if Sammy and his people even know this practice occurs?

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Somebody ends up frustrated no matter what method of ticket sales is used. Overall, Club 1013 was no better yet your experience may have been very good.

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Ah, @ least I'm not the only one that this happened to. Live Nation posted the premium seats rows B, C,& D for $275, then wouldn't let you purchase them. I tried several times, but no luck. The screen popped up something about the seats were only available by "phone" which is total BS. When they put them back up for sale, the prices increased, some by as much as $200. Pretty frustrating for me, this was to be my Wife's 1013 Party, & our Anniversary (both events are on August 31st).
I also called Live Nation, they told me that LN didn't set the prices for the tickets, that the ARTIST & PROMOTER set the prices of all the tickets....that LN just handles the sales........
On another note, it may be correct that the Premium (Live Nation self scalped) Seats were not to be sold during the pre-sale, I haven't seen them on pre-sales before.....

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Sounds like I was VERY fortunate today!! Kept refreshing the link every 3 seconds. Ended up with Row J, which I feel isn't too bad given how many people were trying.

Gonna be an awesome show!!

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LIVE NATION SUCKS!!!!! The web site showed premium seats on sale today for orch row 1 seats. the first time they poped up they were$395 each, I tried to buy and got kicked out being told that the credit card I used to buy two other tickets was invalid. Ten minutes later the same tickets came up at $450 each....I tried again with the same result, even tried a different card...again "error with processing". Then it shows under premium tickets "tickets not for sale online" about 30 mins later the same tickets showed up again!!! I finallay got live nation/ticketmaster on the phone and was told that NONE of these tickets were on sale was a computer error and they will not be part of the "presale". GGRRRRRRRRRRRR I HATE THIS SYSTEM!! Lets go back to standing in a line at the box office and first in line gets best seats and so on .......