info on sammy hagar's guitarist, brian flynn!

January 05, 2012 by dougie

hey all. i met guitar player brian flynn here in colorado who was playing at a small club and said he played with sammy hagar and also was his guitar player in cabo. he was great, but i cant find anything on him and wanted to find out more about him and what albums he was on and anything i could find for youtube and such. everything thing he has mentions he played with sammy. you fans should all know!! i got him to sign my vinyl of 3 LOCK BOX, too. Thanx!

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my name is brian flynn, lead guitarist with the brian flynn band, and the brian flynn allstars. (former members of lynyrd skynyrd, blackfoot, point blank, patti labelle and yes, the cabo wabo house band. all of whom have performed with me at cabo wabo) i have resided full time in cabo san lucas for 18 years and had the privilege of playing with sammy on several occasions. i am a highly regarded, world class musician with a verifiable resume. as well as a respected member of this community, member of the local musicians union,and with legal documentation to work in this country. i was hired, with my band, to be the cabo wabo house band in the mid 90's. i am proud of my time playing at cabo wabo and appreciate greatly some of the kind things both sammy and his staff have permitted me over the years. (my first music videos in the 90's were filmed there, as well as live recordings of shows i played there, as well as allowing me the the entire club for my 50th birthday celebration in 2007, as well as assisting me with the INS in the U.S. when i brought my mexican musicians, (including members of that cabo wabo house band) to tour here. i still retain those letters of reference. all of which can be verified, as you rightly pointed out, if you just used the internet and educated yourself so as not to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are an idiot, falsely impugning my integrity. i have NEVER, EVER, claimed to have recorded with sammy or played with him anywhere other than cabo wabo nor have i EVER claimed to be a member of his touring bands. again, NEVER, EVER!!!!! that would be stupid. why would I? it is to easy to verify, as you pointed out, by the same token, i am not going to deny my legitimate professional history. that would be stupid as well. simply google the brian flynn band in cabo to see a plethora (understand that word martha?) of video, photos, newspaper clippings, copies of cabo wabo memorbilia including my likeness, backstage passes. etc, etc. of my time at cabo wabo as well as performances with sammy and many other world famous, world class, musicians. (i also spent 2 years in the house band at the hard rock cafe, owned my own night club for 4 years and played inumerable benefit shows for the community) and yes, i did play a couple of birthday celebrations. my now 32 year old daughter unfortunately stepped in sammy's birthday cake one year. and yes martha and dougie, there are legal ramifications. in two countries. my name is brian flynn. EVERYONE in cabo san lucas knows it. and my history. you have called me a liar, swindler and imposter, (whatever my name is). libel and slander are arrestable offenses in mexico. i will defend my integrity to the fullest. i will be anxiously awaiting your respective apologies..

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WHO??? Brian Flynn is an imposter. This person has never recorded with Sammy Hagar OR played in any of his live bands. From what I know, he was not an active member of the Cabo Wabo bands in Cabo San Lucas, either.

I have been a fan of Sammy since Heavy Metal came out (dates I can honestly say that I am probably "over-obsessed" with all things HAGAR!! I have NEVER heard of Brian Flynn. I can tell you that he is absolutely NOT on any of Sammy's recordings and has never been an active live member of ANY of his tours. I have been to all but 4 of Sammy's birthday bashes in Cabo and never heard of this person. Dougie, you are being swindled. This is an imposter and I am sure there are legal ramifications. Your copy of Three Lock Box has probably DE-VALUED with that signature.

Why would someone sign a recording they were not part of?!?

The people on Three Lock Box are:

Sammy Hagar: lead vocals, guitar
Bill Church: bass guitar
Gary Pihl: guitar
David Lauser: drums
Jonathan Cain: keyboards and backing vocals
Mike Reno: vocals on "Remember the Heroes
Alan Pasqua: keyboards
Patrick Gleason: sound effects
Richard Page: additional backing vocals
Tom Kelly: additional backing vocals

"Lyinn Brian" or whatever your name is, don't try to pull the wool over the true, educated RED HEADS' eyes.

Dougie, do some research before you get all enamored with someone. I am sorry you have been HAD. Seriously, just use the internet and your life would be a lot simpler and educated...RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!'s gal!


" baby dry your eyes, save all the tears you cried, cause that what dreams are made of!!"

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What ya mean? Why wouldn't it be?

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What ya mean, rtg?

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Very Valuble! Keep that in a safe place. lol!