Sammy B-Day Bash will be fun!

July 03, 2019 by Douggriffith

Well I got lucky and got the 1st show. 2nd year trying. Now I have to find somebody that wants to go with me. Should be fun no matter what, even if I am solo. I'm sure I'll meet some great new friends to rock with.

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My g/f and I got lucky and drew in on our first attempt! We have the first show as well and will be flying in that day. We are excited to hang with all the Redheads.

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I go every year alone. But you are really not alone.. There are a ton of Redheads. You will have no problem finding peeps to go with you =)

I and many others will be sleeping on the sidewalk to get into to the show. Yeah 'cause that's the way we live!
"We don't like sleeping on the sidewalk
Don't like standing in the lines
But we do what we do 'cause we gotta do
What we wanna do when we wanna do it
Each and every time"