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July 16, 2017 by Don

Hopeful to get selected for the Birthday Bash tickets, I was selected last year but ended up not able to go. I've been to Cabo twice, once on a cruise and an All Inclusive at the RIU Santa Fe. Anyone have any recommendations for places close to the Cantina? Also if I do get selected, my wife isn't interested in going so I will have an extra ticket for whichever show I'm lucky enough to get. Thanks!

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Yes it is a little too far for a walk.

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Yes to a taxi in order to get into the Marina/Town area from RIU. If it still picks up from the gate years ago like five or six there was a public bus that stopped there. It was much cheaper than a taxi.

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I have stayed at the Finnestera and Marina Fiesta Both nice places and we walked the whole time we were there. I'm booked at the RIU Santa FE this year and understand you need to take a taxi to downtown, right?

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Don. I would be interested in the other ticket if you get selected. Put me down for it. I am trying too

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That was all I got too, I emailed them and was told they weren't sending confirmation messages.

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Awesome, thanks!

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How do we verify that my registration was successful? I have not received an email just the msg at the end of registration to follow the link to update info.

David K

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I would look at the following places in order of closeness. The Mar De Cortez, Tesoro, Sandos Finnisterra. You can also check Marina Fiesta as I have heard that is close. The Mar is literally around the corner, the Tesoro is a straight shot up/down the street, and the Sandos Finnisterra sits behind the Marina.