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Does anyone know if there are going to be tickets sold this year? Usually, they give them away the morinig of the event and you have to stand in line for hours......

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E-mail them and tell them what you want.

The Wabos and I just played St Louis and had a blast. A number of Redheads there asked about the rumors that the Birthday Bash is changing this year. It is amazing how a conversation can become a rumor. I have already heard a lot of opinions and now I want to ask for your opinion too.

There seem to be several ideas that I'm hearing. One is just leave it alone! Two is sell tickets, enough with sleeping on the street in the rain. Been there, done that. Three is a combination of those with sell some, a limited number of free for waiting in line so you can get a ticket if the night is "sold out" already. I'm not sure how that would work. The fans I've talked to are very adamant about buying tickets so they can come to Cabo and know they will get into the Cantina. I understand that going all that way and not getting in must be frustrating. But it has worked as is for so long I hate to change what has become tradition.

So, tell me what you think and email your ideas to Whatever happens, I want you there with me as long as we keep doing the Bash.