Redheads meet Sammy at Winstar

Redheads meet Sammy at Winstar
Thanks for a Merry Christmas Sammy
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Wow Sherry! That's cool!

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Hey, at least you got his name spelled right, Sherry!!!

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Look at all those lucky ladies!!!!

VERY cool!

So glad this happened for you all!!! LOVE IT! ♥


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Yep, it was a great night indeed. The whole road trip was the best! Driving all over Oklahoma in our RED rental car, blasting Sammy tunes. So good to see old friends and make new ones. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

Thanks Sammy for allowing us to do this!!!

Rock on,

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What a night....Meeting Sammy by HIS request!!!! All 3 shows in 3 nights all over Oklahoma! Having a Redhead Party at Toby Keith's and Mona showing up!! Best weekend ever!! Sammy and the Wabos rule!!! Until next show Sammy, you know I'll be there!
You are the best Christmas present ever!

Tampa FL