August 18, 2017 by dlmooney

OK so it seems a different approach was tried to get show seems to have not gone over very well. I am so happy for those who did get a chance to buy tickets. But it's disheartening to see that some folks got tix for EACH show and others got zilch. I understand it's luck, but wow! This will be my first trip to CABO and I can't wait to see the beauty and meet so many Redhead friends! I'm not giving up hope on seeing you in Cabo, Sam, until I'm on my flight back home. REDLUV from an StLRedhead!

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No Bad Days in Cabo fellow Redhead! You will have a blast! No luck here on the second chance GA Public sale. But, in 9 years going down to Cabo, I have only been lucky to get 3 shows! I still enjoy my annual Cabo time and running into the same Redheads every year!! Enjoy!