Booze Cruise

August 01, 2012 by diggyd

I hope there are some RR booze cruises this year. Anyone heard anything yet?

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Let's keep this thread going :-) Booze cruise booze cruise! Beach party beach party! The cruise and party will obviously happen on the nights Sam's not playing. Look for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for these events. Boy am I sharp this morning ;-)

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Doing my first Cabo trip this year - Please please keep me posted on these 2 parties - count me in....sounds like a blast..please post details - lets Rock...


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Love the idea of these 2 events! Didn't know about the events the past 2 times I've been in Cabo. Where are the events at and do I need to sign up for them in advance? Please post the details when available.

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I was there when Mikey showed up with his family 2 years ago. Don't really think he knew the party was that day, but people were generally respectful, let the man eat (they set him up with a special table) and then he took the time to take pics with fans. Class act, that Mikey! :)

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sounds like another reason to Party in Cabo...

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Awesome. Thanks for the update. We will be there for sure. We missed the beach party and Michael Anthony last time :-(

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The booze cruise is a blast and much fun is to be had. We've done the RR booze cruise twice and loved it. We missed the Beach Party last time around. I heard MA showed up.

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Please keep me informed of the info for the booze cruise and the beach party. This will be my 3rd year to Cabo and I wasn't aware that these parties existed. Sounds like a complete blast and I would love to attend so please let me know the details.

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The annual ADLN/Redrocker Booze cruise is scheduled for Oct. 10 and the Beach Party on Oct 12. Once the details have been worked out, more info. will be posted. See ya on the boat!!