Booze Cruise

August 30, 2010 by diggyd

Anybody know of a booze cruise this year? We went on one back in 2008 which was awesome.

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Thanks for the info. It would be great if we could hit the cruise on the 12th. It was a blast in 2008. My wife won 4 prizes :-)

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Carla Stead ADLN events 10/7 Booze Cruise, 10/10 Beach Party at Tabasco's, 10/12 Booze Cruise. 32.50 per person via paypal for the Booze Cruises to

You can also show up at the boat and pay the fee. Sunset is the name of the boat, I believe. Best thing is to go to the Mar de Cortez (near the Wabo) and ask around about the correct boat!

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The past two years it hasn't been publicized much but it has happened during the birthday week... No word about this year that I've heard.