32 days to Cabo :-)

September 05, 2012 by diggyd

Not long now.... woohoo! Can I get an amen?

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ktanton's picture

31 days for me - AMEN...going ticketless myself....cant wait to meet you'll in Cabo..

katherine in austin

Rburla's picture

AMEN.....how's that?

wow! 30 more sleeps for Melisaa snd I....So Stoked!

redrocker327's picture

YES it is hard to believe that another year has almost passed. I really am looking forward to see what Sammy does to ring in 65. With this being said I myself am going down ticket-less. Anybody out there that can help to change this please e-mail me at redrocker327@gmail.com

Blaze's picture

Amen Eric, we are also counting the days up here in Seattle. See ya at Cabo...Where are you staying? We are at the RIU Santa Fe from the 6th top the 13th