28 days to Cabo... Can you feel it???

September 10, 2010 by diggyd

We're in the 20 day range folks. Getting close now...

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Oh Yeah PJEW,

I can feel you laying that track all the way here in North Cakalak. I just told my wife when I opened my eyes this morning I said"I'm f$#king PUMPED" and she said do you want me to lock the door and I said well.....YES but heres what I meant:

23 Days left til Cabo baby! WOOOOOOO! We're gonna be some Wabo drinkin, Horseback riding, Booze Cruisin, Taco eatin Upfront fanatics in about 3 weeks! WOOOOOOO!

To clear up any confusion out there.....HELL YEAH WE'RE READY!!


Cabo Rob and I'm Out!

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29 for me! Can't wait!!!!!

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Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!!!!

pjew's picture

WOOHOO - 27 more days for ME!!!
If only i had tickets, hehe....hopefully, i'll be lucky enough to get dinner tickets!!!