That Metal Show

August 02, 2012 by dickinthedirt

Thought I'd hook a fellow Redhead Up. I've scored "That Metal Show" audience passes for Aug. 8th and Sammy and Mikey are scheduled to be the guests that day as well as Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. I would love to find someone to take who would be willing to sell me a Birthday Bash ticket for the 11th or the 13th, as I've booked my trip but didn't get any tickets through the lottery. The catch is that you would have to be in los Angeles and be able to miss work on Wednesday. Obviously I would prefer to find someone who could hook me up as well (I would gladly pay the $55 for the ticket, not lookin' for a freebee) but if I can't I'd be happy just to hook another Redhead up as Sammy would do. Anyway, if anyone is interested and can make it, respond with you're contact info and I'll be in touch.

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I didnt get tickets to the BB show, but I would be willing to drive to LA for That Metal Show. Hit me up at, Thanks.