Birthday Bash 2010

August 02, 2010 by dianej030

This Cabo virgin is super excited to be attending the birthday bash on Oct 8th in Cabo!!! Have always wanted to go but just couldn't see spending the money for the trip if I wasn't guaranteed to get in and see Sammy and The Wabos. Thanks Sammy for changing things this year! Cannot wait for the trip!

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I so agree! We had our trip booked months ago, we always wished we could see Sammy in Cabo but we never timed it right. 2 weeks ago I heard something on the radio about it and logged on this website, and now I've got tickets to Sammy's B-Day Bash!! I would have never stood in line in the heat down in Mexico, but now I'm gonna go!! Thanks Sammy!! Oh, I'll see you in a couple of nights in Costa Mesa!! Arriba!