Reno Concert either 83 0r 82

May 17, 2017 by Deyzd

looking for info of a show in Reno Nevada either 82 or 83 and night ranger opened for sammy the news article says quaterflash but i swear it was ranger!one other news article say ranger

Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 46

Publication: Reno Gazette-Journal i Location: Reno, NevadaIssue Date: Friday, April 22, 1983Page: Page 46

Night Ranger and Sammy Hagar are two of the few heavy metal acts around who actually incorporate real music into their sets. It's not just noise. I like that in a band, and apparently most of Reno does, too, or Hagar wouldn't already be planning a return trip. I'm looking forward to it. Patrick Thomas is a local rock music enthusiast. jump all over the stage and still be heard by the audience. His many recognizable tunes, some , new and most old, were blended with a sort of stand-up comedian routine filled with corny lines about his last visit to Reno and his night off Wednesday here in town. Corny they were, but they were what the crowd wanted to hear. One thing I admire Hagar for he has a way of making the audience shut up when he has something to say. By PATRICK THOMAS The first concert held at Reno's Convention Center since December was an undeniable success Thursday. It not only pleased the fans, but tested the hall's ability to pack a full crowd. Promotors were pleased with the crowd, and not only was the show great but it started ON TIME. I thought there was a law against that. Night Ranger, a Top 40-heavy metal outfit formed by Brad Gillis in 1979, opened at 7:30 p.m. with a short jam and went straight into a 50-minute song set from their debut Boardwalk I Pal album, "Dawn Patrol." Especially impressive were "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" and "Sing Me Away," during which the drummer sang lead, not an easy task. Both songs blended guitars and keyboards beautifully, and sound quality was excellent. Gillis did a fantastic guitar solo, one that showed such an item can be done very well. His fingering technique, perfected over the years with various bands, is magnificent. Everyone was in awe, even the other band members, it seemed. One detriment to Night Ranger's stage set-up was that Sammy Hagar's props were there. They were covered with sheets, which didn't look great. On the other hand, considering what the props were, being there probably saved time during intermission. Hagar came on at about 8:45 to a stage filled with a stock car, posters, paper chimneys, ramps, and a large variety of other large objects that Hagar delighted in jumping upon during the course of the show. Promoting his latest record, "Three Lock Box," didn't seem to be the main thrust of the concert, as Hagar performed only a few cuts from that set

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Long time fan here...
Quarterflash opened in '82 Standing Hampton Tour
NightRanger Opened Three Lock Box Tour in '83