Molson Canadian Amphitheater

August 29, 2013 by derekm027
Molson Canadian Amphitheater

Amazing Show Sammy! The Wabos and Mikey were awesome!! I hereby extend a lifelong invitation to come to Canada as many times as possible.

We will all see you in Cabo! Looks like we have to sleep in line old school to get tickets woo hoo!

Chef Cabo

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You bet we are going to Belleville! Port Severn - wow my restaurant is in Port Severn - come see us sometime!!

All the best and keep rocking to the man Sam!

Chef D

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Chef... they are all great shows. Are you coming to the show in Belleville on the 26th of July. I just moved up to Port Severn and its nice to see some local Sammy fans.

Cheers. J

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It was a great concert in Toronto, I hope Sammy starts playing more in Canada. See you in Cabo Derek!

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GREAT POST......I agree, that was definitely in the top 10 concerts in my life and Sammy is at least 9 out of the 10.
Sam and the band was on top big time. I would pay big bucks for a copy of that show, whether a DVD or just a CD. The Redheads at Sammy central should sell them. That is one for the books. Man, I wish I had the dough to follow that tour from the beginning.

Can't wait for Cabo, we have tickets to the 11th and 13th.