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August 23, 2017 by denisek

HI, Also heading to Cabo for the 1st time. Was lucky enough to get night one. Couple of questions I know that we need to get in line to get our bracelets and it starts at 2pm. Do we need to get in line hours before 2pm? Also staying at the Tesero any comments on that hotel? Will I need a car, or should I catch a shuttle from the airport?
Thanks for the help redheads - looking forward to the party!!!

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TransCabo is a great shared shuttle service. The have signs at the airport once you get outside the doors with a sign that says Transcabo. They wear shits that have the logo too. Leaving customs is pretty crazy, tons of people trying to sell you timeshares, free rides, free cars by signing you up for a presentation. They act like they know you. They are harmless but slick. Make no eye contact and exit the airport doors. Transcabo will have a list with your name and hotel listed. Buy some cerveza's from the outside bar and they'll let you bring them on the shuttle. Also, print off your confirmation in case of any confusion on their list. Never had any issues. No need to rent a car if you are downtown Cabo. Have a blast!

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Congrats on being selected. You will have a great time. I've only been to Cabo once and got selected for 2 nights that year, so I'm far from a veteran. I would say DO NOT get a car. The roads are tough to navigate, drivers are crazy and shuttle/taxi expense is nominal. When you get a shuttle at the airport they provide directions on how to get directly to the shuttle and avoid the "sales pitches" from the various vendors. I don't know anything about Tereso, but believe you can walk to the Cantina from there. You don't have to be in line for the bracelets before 2. If you go around 3-5 there will probably be no line. We got to the Cantina around 7 for the show and worked our way to the 3rd row (using that term loosely) right in front of Sammy and Vic. Hot and crowded. Stay hydrated!! There are girls selling drinks that work through the crowd. If you have to go to the bathroom, make sure people notice as you are leaving from close to the stage. Many will resist people pushing their way forward, but if the crowd recognizes you just left and are coming back to a spot you already had it went ok for us. Only drawback we experienced was people (including young children) trying to peddle anything and everything anywhere you go. Lots of things to do, you will have a blast!

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Congrats on getting a night! You do not have to get in line for your bracelet before 2 although people do! We usually head over about 5 when the line is gone and jump in line to get in the show. If you want to get up front you will need to get in line (for the show) well before that though! Haven't been to the Tesero, heard there are a ton of Redheads there so I'm sure someone will respond. FDIC 2017!