Year of Sammy

July 01, 2010 by debrlaing

This is definitely the year of Sammy for my husband and I:

Memorial Weekend 2010 - spent our time at Cabo Wabo Las Vegas (no Sammy, but we were at his bar!)

July 3rd - Taste of MN

September 11th - Harvey's, NV

October Birthday Bash!!!
It's my 40th this September 29th along with me and my husbands 10th Anniversary (October 6th), so we wanted to celebrate these milestones with our friends and with Sammy at the Birthday Bash. Cant' wait!!!

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Nice! A couple of our own hearts. We are definitely having fun!! We saw Sammy last night at the Taste of MN, and was an awesome outdoor concert as always.
Maybe we'll all run into each other in Cabo San Lucas. Enjoy, as it is absolutely beautiful and our favorite place to go.

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Wow ,its the year of Sammy for my wife and I too! My 42 in oct. going to the birthday bash ( first time in Cabo ) we also did tahoe in may and will do Vegas in Dec. for the first anniversary of the cantina. Are we having any fun yet!!!!