redrocker birthday bash

July 30, 2012 by debrac066

hi, i'm a bit confused-my profile here says i'm going to the 7/9/11th shows and has my profile pic on those dates,but i was only sent a message that i have ticket's for the 11th and charged for the 11th.i hope they posted it right, that i got three shows and will be notified of the 7/9th shows being charged to my c.c. by some sammy gods miracle this week still?!hoping and praying for good news.<3 debbie carlin -erickson

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Harleymomma08's picture

Hey Debbie - My picture is on the "Who's Going" profile pages but I didn't get any tickets...0 of 4 for both me & my hubby. I still have it checked that I am going but no tickets for this Texas girl. I will be waiting in line along with so many other Redheads - wishing for dinner tickets!

See you in Cabo!