birthday bash 2016

August 29, 2016 by debrac066

well 3rd round bday bash ticket lottery seems to have left me without tickets. I am bummed !! Cabo will happen with or without tickets !!I'm looking forward to seeing my redhead family <3

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sorry guys did not know that will wait in line for myself thanks!

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If your caught holding spots they are supposed to remove you from the line.

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hey brian same message as was intended for debra hit me up and we can take turns in line

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hey debra would love to split time in the line with you gonna b there from sep 28 to oct 16 email me at and we will try to make that work!

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The dinner/show tickets are only sold on two times. They are the 6th at noon for the 7th and 9th shows, and the 10th at noon for the 11th and 13th shows. You will need to line up at least 24 hours in advance for a chance. There have been years 45 to 50 hours was needed to get them.

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Any chance you guys would be interested in standing in line for Dinner Tickets? I'm hitting Cabo by myself this year so I'm looking to partner up with someone that I could take turns with (if allowed) and/or holding our spot for bathroom / food breaks, etc.

Let me know.

I'll be in Cabo for all for shows so any night works.


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The ticket process was very annoying this year! We didn't get tickets either. I miss the old way of just buying tickets! We are still heading to Cabo since we've had our trip booked since April...see ya down there! We will have our own anti-bash party:-P

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Yeah that was the most disappointing of all the years and as much as I would like to go and try to see a show I think I will wait til later in the year and hope I catch a random Sammy show :( Have fun redheads

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Well that makes 2 of us. I got to move forward for the 3rd round but that's as far as it went :( So we're going to Cabo anyway since flight & room is booked. See ya there!