birthday bash 2016

August 10, 2016 by debrac066

well, I didn't get chosen for the first round of bday bash ticket lottery. I am hoping for some good luck in the 2nd chance lottery. Come on Sammy gods show me some love <3

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You will be automatically entered into the drawing based on your original entries. The drawing is tomorrow.

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Do you have to re register for the second chance drawing ? Or do you automatically get in the drawing if you were not picked the first time ? If I have to re register, how do I do that ?

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They usually put out something prior to letting us know if action is required. The first drawing selectors have until the 15th to make the purchase. I would look for info the 16th. This has gone both ways no action needed and then years you had to declare if you wanted to be entered.

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Same here. Do I need to do anything to be entered into the second chance drawing?

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Me too.. I have never gotten chosen bummer

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Best wishes, me too! Woohoo!!