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July 31, 2012 by Deb Fowler

It sounds like there are more than plenty of us long time die hard Redheads who are left out in the cold this year with no show tickets to the bday bash. Let's make some awesome party plans and meet up for some great partying in Cabo. We are staying at the Riu Palace 8-16. Any other Redheads out there staying at the Palace? Any parties already planned....please share the details. Thanks and Rock On Redheads!!!

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First time Cabo goer this year with no tickets either...After reading all these posts sounds like across the street will be the place to be....freind backed out of the trip so I am flying solo so would love to party with all you Redheads - please keep us posted on the party plans...count me in!! Ready to rock in Cabo baby..


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Sounds like we all have some great party ideas for this year. Let's stay in touch and make some plans. We have always stayed at the Santa Fe in past years but got a good deal on the Palace this year so figured we would give it a try. The Santa Fe has always been a great party place so if it seems a little dull at the Palace we will just hop next door during the day for the party


With or without tickets, we will see you guys in Cabo. Watching the show at a bar across the street with a live feed, is like being at the super bowl outside without tix. Not quite the same, but still a hell of a lot of fun. See you in Cabo, Redheads !

BTW: My Lady and I are staying at the RIU Santa Fe
the 11th - 15th Lets turn that place into Birthday party central. : )

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Sounds Good to me Iam still going, staying at the same place this year!!!

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Good Idea Bryan. I would think No Worrys would be pleased to house all of us Redheads an let us buy our drinks from them. Sounds like a good time. Keep me posted on the plans. Where are you staying?

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I would love to get together and party with a bunch of redheads there are 25 of us going and only 1 person got 1 ticket we will get there on the 11th and leave on the 16th and we're staying at the review santa fe right next door so yes let's have our own birthday bash


I like the idea of partying across the street at one of the bars with a live feed. We are staying at the RIU Santa Fe.
Lets all hook up, "face down in Cabo" !!

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We are also staying at the RIU Santa Fe, looking forward to meeting lots of Redheads. In on the 6th and out on the 13th late...See ya there

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Perfect idea Bryan. They had a great band after the street show last year too!

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Working on something across the street at No Worrys for the show nights. They have a nice size deck plus you will be able to see the video feed from there and drinks are MUCH cheaper!!!
No Tixs, No Worrys!!!

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I totally agree with your comments. I don't blame Sammy for this. He sure has a mess to clean up though. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes. Keep me posted on details for the party. Sounds good.

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I was thinking and posted the Idea of all meeting up at RIPS During the show on the 13th, rainbow Jello shots and a toast to our favorite Birthday Rocker. I don't think it's his doing as far as ticketing, he pays people to figure that out, and I'm sure he;s not happy with the outcome either, but it is what it is. We are staying at the RIU Santa FE,

Keep In Touch and hope to meet up with ya :) Check out my Blog I posted earlier, it has the details of my Idea