Going to a BDay Bash Show afterall!!!

September 05, 2013 by Deb Fowler

I got the email today!! Got tickets for the 7th show in the 2nd chance drawing. So Excited!!! Thanks so much to all of the wonderful Redheads to gave back the tickets not needed. Without all of your generosity, other Redheads like myself wouldn't be going to a show. Redheads Rock!!!! 32 more day til FDIC!!!

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Yeah Norine we got lucky for sure. Only wished it would have been for one of the nights you guys are going so we could all enjoy the show together but I'm not gonna complain. At least we have a show. There are so many Redheads to didn't get one. Counting the days and can't wait to see you guys again too!! We leave 3 weeks from today. I love the.....booked, hooked, cooked and ready to party....LOL

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That's AWESOME!!!!! So Happy for you guys, You and Scott deserve it.True Redheads Rock Together!!! Face Down In Cabo :) The Count Is On!! Cant wait to see you Its been a Year!!!♥♥ Booked~Hooked~ and Ready to get Cooked!! LOL

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Sounds good Mark. Looking forward to meeting and partying with you and your wife too. Keep the booze cruise in mind for future visits. It is well worth the costs and a great time. Nothing but a boat full of Redheads.

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Deb due to other trips we had this year we could only come down for a short stay. We don't get in until the 10th at 2pm so catching the boat at 4pm will not work for my Dawn (wife) and I. It sounds like a blast. we are there only from the 10th through the 13th. Need to better plan for next year! We will catch up to you when you get back to the hotel that night hopefully.we have tickets to the show on the 11th.so lokking forward to meeting all of you and partying for the short time we will be there. I am sure by the time we get there you guys will have plenty of great stories already from the previous days there. LOL.

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Don't give up yet Jeff. We will all keep our eyes and ears open in Cabo for possible Redheads with extra tickets. There also is still the show tickets. Jeff & Mark......were you all planning on going on the booze cruise? We went last year for the first time and it was a total blast. Couldn't believe we hadn't done it in prior years. We are planning on going again. You all should go to and we will make it a big party with our Riu group. If you want to go, I would recommend getting your tickets paid for asap as the boat does fill up fast. There is a post on this site with all of the information and how to get your tickets prepaid now. I'm gonna get Scott and I paid for tonight so we will be good to go. Hope you all decide to join us. 31 more days for us until we will be FDIC!!!

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Congratulations Deb on being selected for tickets in the 2nd chance drawing.

Sorry Jeff. you still may find a way of getting some tickets. Either way as you said it is going to be a great party.

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Congrats on getting picked in the second drawing Deb. You are going to have an awesome time. My wife and I drew a big BLANK this year but will still have a great time partying in Cabo. Who knows maybe Sammy will bring his show outside this year like he has done in the past. either way it's going to be ONE BIG REDHEAD PARTY!!!

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