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September 24, 2013 by Deb Fowler

The email I received to notify me that I had been picked in the 2nd chance lottery for bday bash tickets also mentioned that I would get a free download of the new CD. I haven't received anything yet by way of an email with a download link. Just wandering if anyone else who purchased bday bash tickets has received the download? I really want to have some jam time on the CD before going to Cabo so just wandering if I should just go buy the CD or if I might be getting the free download sometime soon.

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Got an email tonight (the 26th) from Redrocker admin with my free album download for buying Sammy's birthday bash tickets. It was in my junk/spam folder so look there for your email. Got my free download email from Ticketmaster on the 24th for buying my St Louis Sammy concert tickets. So the free downloads are coming, just keep looking.