Admin........How do I get my Download for the new CD?

September 25, 2013 by Deb Fowler

I got tickets to the 7th show through the 2nd chance lottery drawing. The information I received states that I also would receive the free download for the CD but I haven't received anything yet. How do I get the free download?

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I just got my cd download this morning,See you In Cabo..


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Got an email tonight (the 26th) from Redrocker admin with my free album download for buying Sammy's birthday bash tickets. It was in my junk/spam folder so look there for your email. Got my free download email from Ticketmaster on the 24th for buying my St Louis Sammy concert tickets. So the free downloads are coming, just keep looking.

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This sounds like a common occurance, I didn't get my download, but will be in Cabo in about 9 days!

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Have tickets for 13th did not get mine.

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I also have tickets for the show on the 7th and I have not received the new cd download?..How do you get it..