Admin........How do I get my Download for the new CD?

September 25, 2013 by Deb Fowler

I got tickets to the 7th show through the 2nd chance lottery drawing. The information I received states that I also would receive the free download for the CD but I haven't received anything yet. How do I get the free download?

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CD Download

September 24, 2013 by Deb Fowler

The email I received to notify me that I had been picked in the 2nd chance lottery for bday bash tickets also mentioned that I would get a free download of the new CD. I haven't received anything yet by way of an email with a download link. Just wandering if anyone else who purchased bday bash tickets has received the download? I really want to have some jam time on the CD before going to Cabo so just wandering if I should just go buy the CD or if I might be getting the free download sometime soon.

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Going to a BDay Bash Show afterall!!!

September 05, 2013 by Deb Fowler

I got the email today!! Got tickets for the 7th show in the 2nd chance drawing. So Excited!!! Thanks so much to all of the wonderful Redheads to gave back the tickets not needed. Without all of your generosity, other Redheads like myself wouldn't be going to a show. Redheads Rock!!!! 32 more day til FDIC!!!

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Fantastic Show in St Louis

September 01, 2013 by Deb Fowler

Great show in St Louis last night! I was so looking forward to a fantastic show and Sammy and company did not disappoint! Thanks Sammy for the 40 year love affair you have had with St Louis. Keep the good times coming. Counting down now for Cabo....36 days!!!

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2 Tickets for Sale for the Sold Out St. Louis Decades of Rock Show in St. Louis (8/31)

August 27, 2013 by Deb Fowler

For any of the St. Louis Redheads looking for tickets to the show this Saturday (8/31), I have 2 tickets for sale. Row SS. $125 for the pair or best offer. Please comment if interested. Thanks!!!

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Looking for 1 or 2 Tickets for any of the Shows - We Struck Out Again This Year..... :(

August 02, 2013 by Deb Fowler

We struck out on tickets again this year. If anyone has extra tickets , I would be very very interested in purchasing 1 or 2 tickets for any of the shows. Please contact me at or 618-972-7361. Thanks in advance and a Big Congratulations to all the Redheads who got tickets this year!!!! Can't wait to see and party with all the Redheads in Cabo again this year and looking forward to another Booze Cruise. Great Times!!!

Deb Fowler
618-972-7361 (Phone)

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Redhead Name Search

August 04, 2012 by Deb Fowler

Is there any way to perform a search of the Redhead's here? I'm trying to look up some Redhead friends I met in Cabo last year?

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August 04, 2012 by Deb Fowler

My husband & I are interested in purchasing 2 tickets for the 9th, 11th or 13th shows. We will be in Cabo 8-16 & staying at Riu Palace. Like many others, we both registered for all 3 shows but came up blank. Our trip to Cabo this year celebrates both of our 50th BDays as well as our 30th Wedding Anniversary so attending a show would be appreciated. We have been die hard Sammy fans since first seeing him in St. Louis in 1979. I know there are plenty of other Redheads out there also celebrating special events so congrats to all that are able to attend a show. Enjoy & have a Great Time!

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Redheads Party

July 31, 2012 by Deb Fowler

It sounds like there are more than plenty of us long time die hard Redheads who are left out in the cold this year with no show tickets to the bday bash. Let's make some awesome party plans and meet up for some great partying in Cabo. We are staying at the Riu Palace 8-16. Any other Redheads out there staying at the Palace? Any parties already planned....please share the details. Thanks and Rock On Redheads!!!

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