Second Chance Tickets - Need Some More for Oct 7th!

September 04, 2014 by dbrox

Hey All, I was lucky enough to score 2 tickets to Sammy's B-day Bash Oct 7th, but the 4 other guys I'm traveling with are out of luck. My one buddy re-applied after missing out, but has not heard back as of yet. Any word on the Second Chance Tickets? Is there a way they can get in, Day of Show? Any help is appreciated. DBROX

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Sammy's B-day Bash - ( Oct 7, 9, 11 ,13 ) Need Some Info.

May 29, 2014 by dbrox

Hello Fellow Redheads,

I just tried to contact the club for a half an hour, calling 011 - 52 - (624) 16 - 37400
I can’t seem to get through to a person, so I need some help.

A bunch of friends and I wwant to plan a trip down to celebrate Sammy’s B-day.

We need to plan around when his performance dates at the club.
Can someone give me the best dates and when the best time to come down to Cabo Wabo.

Any help is appreciated, as my friends and I want to book in advance the flights and hotel.

Thanks in advance,


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