Las Vegas/ Beach Bar Rum Bash

August 29, 2012 by dbarry

Sammy (and Mona, David and Vic)- on behalf of all the redheads in attendance Saturday. Thank you for such a great night. I flew in midnight Friday (from Boston) and took redeye Sunday, back to work at 8am Monday. For all the people that didn't go- the whole band hung out all night. At one point, I was just standing there and the guy standing next to me was David L. I go grab a beer and I bumped into Vic, said hi to Mona. EVERYBODY got a pic with Sammy, not an easy thing to do. Red Voodoo, Cabo Waboville, were perfect! My buddy from Boston- on the way out he said " I get it now, everybody is just happy, grateful, and the music is high end" He's right, there isn't alot of quality rock music these days. That's what makes Chickenfoot (and the Wabos) great! Thanks again Sammy and you deserved that award!

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