Bummed out and feel betrayed

July 25, 2014 by dbarry

Dear Redrocker and fans

Here is a first and I am pretty hurt and bummed out at the moment. About a month ago, I submitted (along with everyone) for the sammy birthday bash tickets. I ended up with one night (Night 3). Because of the July 18th return policy, I couldn't justify flying from New Hampshire with one night only so I had to return my tickets.

Today I get home from work and get an email saying I won Night 1 tickets too, only to find out from the webmaster at redrocker that they would not honor my original Night 3 tickets. I then said "why would you ever have a July 18th return policy forcing me to make that choice so soon. I would have stayed with the Night 3 tickets for another week if they didn't say that. I'm a loyal fan- the Vegas trips, Cali trips, a Maui trip, the shirts/ the Music- NEVER EVER again. My fiance is so upset right now. What a horrible experience- a very uneducated experience.

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As we clearly communicated to you, when you chose to return you tickets within the one time return period, obviously that released those tickets to be included in the pool for the second chance drawing.
You also specifically entered to stay in the second chance drawing. You were fortunate enough to win but if you only wanted to go to Cabo if you wanted to go to multiple shows, then you should not have entered into the second chance draw.
We're sorry you have found this experience 'horrible' but as others have noted, you've actually had better luck than most people.
There are thousands and thousands of people who are just trying to get to one show and you have been randomly chosen twice.

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AS luck would have it, I'm in cabo when he's in NH!!!!!

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Sorry to hear this news.

Did you get night 1 from the 2nd chance drawing? We are still not sure how this all works (even though we have been going since 2002 then 2009-2013)??? They keep saying that everyone gets a chance but some people get several nights while others get none?? This year it stated One per Household per drawing (Or something like that) so I only entered for the tickets and my hubby didn't. Then we find out that several people both entered and won. Who really knows how this lottery process is being done??

On a brighter note: He will be playing in your home state next week and I hear the show f*kin rocks! I will be flying in from Texas to see the show with several East Coast Redheads....then picking up my hubby on 8/1 and driving to see him at Foxwoods. I hope you can see him at those shows!

We or I was not drawned this year and the 2nd chance drawing isn't looking good either...but we are still going to Cabo and having a blast!

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So you are bitching because you got one night and then happened to be lucky enough to get another night when many of us are just hoping for one night. You aren't going to get much pity here my friend!!!