Chickenfoot in Saint Louis!!

June 04, 2012 by dawnm075

I just wanted to say that last night was a great concert in St. Louis. It had a special meaning for my son and I. My husband and I went to see Sammy in 2005 in Tahoe while I was pregnant. Long story short, we got back and I was hospitalized with complications with my pregnancy. Our son was born at 28 weeks. After many surgeries, prayers, and a 3 1/2 month hospital stay, he was able to come home. During these times, Sammy's music was one of the things that kept me strong and helped keep a positive energy going. My son has grown up listening to Sammy and always asks me to turn on Sammy the minute he buckles his seat belt in the car. Last night, I was able to take him to see Sammy and Chickenfoot. He was so excited and loved every minute of it! When his dad asked him how the concert was, his response was "AWESOME"!! It was so special to see how far he has come and that he loves one of the same things I have loved for such a long time! I love the positive energy Sammy generates and it has been an inspiration to my myself and now my son. Thank you Sammy!!!

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