Birthday Bash

May 03, 2016 by dawndougherty

I am trying to plan my vacation to Cabo in October! Can anyone tell me dates when the birthday bash will be?

Thank you :)

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As posted by Brando dates have been October 7, 9, 11, and 13. The winner of the the Mercury Insurance contest has posted that the 11th and 13th are part of the trip. If your looking for a resort type place to stay at the RIU, Tesoro, and Sandos Finnisterra always have RedHeads there during the show dates. The Tesoro and Sandos are within walking distance to the Cabo Wabo with Tesoro being the closest. The RIU some will say is within walking distance, but I would not classify it as such. The Sandos, and RIU are All Inclusive while the Tesoro is not.

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Sam usually plays Oct. 7,9,11,13. That is the track record for the past number of years. The lottery that has been used in the past for the tickets is ran sometime in the middle of the summer. It will be posted on here and facebook with plenty of time to get signed up. I'm not much of a resort type of guy, so I stay at It is only 100 yards from the Cabo Wabo cantina. Check it out. You will be face down before you know it. Peace love and hairgrease, adios, Brando....