Here's to the Future NOT being the Past! Unless you go back at least 2 years on BB Tickets Process!

August 06, 2012 by davocabo

Epic Fail

No other way to describe it!

If for some reason you decided to use this "system" again next year, Please hold the drawing Before April! This will give those of us who plan ahead the option to see if we will have tickets before spending money on our vacations to see Sammy in Cabo. I will be there this year and if I get in great if not, it will not ruin my trip one bit! I feel for those who scrape and save to go every year and did not get tickets. I am fortunate enough to use Airline Points and traveling solo, so my trips are pretty cheap!

I for one will not being going next year if this system remains.

Besides after 8 trips to the Bash and 10 trips overall to Cabo, I think it is time and this is a sign for me to make a change.

See you in Cabo for One Last Bash! (however I could pull a Bret Farve next year. LOL)


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bad565's picture

1000000000000% agree Cant wait until 70 days out to let people know.....

917cabo's picture

That is one of the biggest points and flaws in this system. Feels like a slap in the face. I have been counting the days until Cabo since we got home last year. I quit counting when we got a big fat zero tickets.

JBoDEAN's picture

Great point indeed. Some people plan their vacations 5+ months out =)